Students are able to choose any style of music


In truth, beginning students on any instrument start with pretty much the same thing – there are basic skills everyone needs to get started playing music; learning the note names and where they are on the instrument, understanding rhythm, reading music, ear training, building muscle memory, etc. After that, many schools still teach a traditional curriculum that students have to follow because they know what is “best” for the student. It does work for some students and, if you are interested in becoming a music major in college, a professional performer – or, especially, a classical musician – then our teachers can do that for you, too. But not every student wants that. Once our students have the basics, our teachers let them go wherever their creativity takes them. Our students play classical, rock, jazz, hip-hop, country, you name it – they even write their own songs! We want them to love music and that means encouraging them to experiment with styles that interest them – and, when they follow their passion, it’s surprising how much “classical” training they get without even realizing it!