Boring Piano Lessons Are a Thing of the Past

Piano lessons have gotten a bad reputation: tough teachers and music that’s hard to play. It’s no wonder that kids don’t want to practice. The truth is, however, that playing the piano is a ton of fun, and lessons should be, too.

Piano Jam teaches kids how to play the piano with the fun, social setting of a performing, all-keyboard band. Imagine how your child will feel playing on stage, in a real band, to a cheering crowd. Think of the pride you will feel when seeing your child shine in the spotlight.


We Make Playing Piano Easy and FUN!

You’ve heard the expression “music is a language”, haven’t you? It’s easy for kids to learn a language, so why do they so often feel that playing the piano is so hard? If they learn to play piano in the same way that they learn language, then the process becomes easy.

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    1. Listen

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    2. Imitate

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    3. Speak (Play)

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    4. Read

Historically, piano lessons have taken the exact opposite approach. Kids are usually taught how to read music before they can play or express themselves with music. This is why learning to play the piano can seem so hard. It’s why children too often feel piano lessons are boring. Boring piano lessons lead to kids wanting to quit – or worse, think that all music is hard to learn and want to do something—anything else.

Piano Jam teaches kids – on day one – how to play piano in an all-keyboard ensemble that makes music videos and performs in concerts. Our program teaches kids, not just how to play the piano, but about teamwork, accountability, and leadership as they build and refine each song as a performing group.

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